The People Have Spoken… Again

Concierge Travel Named OutSmart’s Gayest & Greatest Travel Agency for over 16 years!

In 1997, Kim Gustavsson and his partner, Charles Caliva, founded a boutique, gay-owned travel agency and tour operator. 21 years later, Concierge Travel is the largest RSVP-vacation agency in the world.  And for 16 of those years, have won Outsmart Magazine’s Gayest and Greatest Travel Agency.  

That title is theirs again in 2018, along with winning the category of Best LGBT Cruise or Tour Company— another title they have won for over 4 years.

“We both have other careers, so neither of us has drawn a salary from the travel agency for 10 years. We donate it all to charity.”

But more than a travel agency, the founders of Conceirge Travel give back in a very big way. Their efforts recently have raised $500,000 for the LGBT Senior Living Center and The Rapid Rehousing project for LGBT Youth.  Rather than buckle under the Trump administration’s negative actions against the LGBT Community, they have decided to increase their efforts where they make the biggest impact– locally.

When considering your next vacation– consider Concierge Travel.  Not only will you have the most amazing experiences in the most exotic locations, you’ll be supporting a company that fights for equality on a very real level.   Have the Gayest & Greatest vacation possible… travel with Concierge!

Exciting Excursions Kim and Alan go to great lengths to ensure that anything and everything you need is available for you. The locations are stunning, luxe accommodations, world class entertainment, and exciting excursions at every destination.  Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does!  In Puerto Vallarta that means international cabaret stars performing for us, poolside and unplugged.  With Concierge Travel I know I will have an amazing experience full of laughter... Read More »

Corey Colfer

Corey Colfer