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After making history in 2022 with the first all-LGBT+ full-ship expedition to Antarctica, VACAYA makes a triumphant return in 2024! The most remote continent on Earth is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve seen on previous travels, Antarctica is different from any other destination on the planet. Here, in the midst of the great Southern Ocean, you’ll find nature at its most magnificent. Make history with VACAYA yet again as we sail below the Antarctic Circle on the most thrilling expedition of all time!

For those who’ve traveled all over the world but are still missing this elusive final continent, this is your chance to add #7 to the list! Our 2022 Antarctica Expedition sold out in less than 10 days. And after its resounding success, we expect similar results in 2024. So if Antarctica has been on your radar, we encourage you to book with haste.

This is a VACAYA Luxe Expedition Cruise, which means each of our Antarctic landings will be conducted via rubber Zodiac raft. You’ll need to be able to get yourself on and off the Zodiac unassisted. And obviously with each landing, you’ll be forging a new path over ice, snow, rocks, and uneven terrain. So be ready to push yourself mentally and physically as you conquer this unique continent.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the world in style in a friendly and intimate setting, VACAYA Luxe’s small-ship voyages have distinct advantages over their big-ship counterparts. Specifically for Antarctica, its size allows for up to 2 landings on the continent per day. In addition, World Navigator’s size allows her to get into hidden bays that are impossible for larger ships to navigate.

Welcome to World Navigator, a super yacht-style ship designed for a highly personalized and all-inclusive experience. Designed with a 1940s aesthetic inspired by the new millennium, she’s a modern classic. Complete with comfortable accommodations, globally-inspired cuisine, unlimited premium beverages, and an onboard life that cultivates connection with yourself and fellow Vacayans, she’s made for you to explore the world in relaxed luxury.

After a day of roaming, venturing, and exploring, indulge in the comfort of a balcony accommodation or modern suite. Every room features a spacious bathroom outfitted with L’OCCITANE amenities, plush bedding designed for dreaming, flat-screen TVs with state-of-the-art infotainment systems, and sitting/living areas to unwind. Gaze at the horizon as you replay the adventures of each day.


An unparalleled journey awaits on World Navigator




Experience delicious, globally-inspired cuisine with our always-included onboard dining that offers true culinary adventure. Whether you prefer a sophisticated three-course meal amid an ambience of casual elegance, indulgent barbecue favorites poolside, or quick and easy on-the-go snacks to grab before your adventures, it’s always included.


Inspired by Atlas Ocean Voyages’ rich Portuguese heritage, our elegant main restaurant offers delectable cuisine with menus changing daily and a sophisticated ambiance, both indoors and alfresco. Plus, a specialty dinner menu, aptly named ALMA after the Portuguese word for “soul,” offers homestyle dishes just like they were cooked by grandma.


We’ve perfected the art of jospering (that’s grilling) in our specialty chophouse. Bask in fine cuts and fresh seafood at dinner or enjoy a more casual lunch served poolside.


The pool deck is a gathering space and hot spot for connecting with everyone while catching a quick bite to eat following an excursion or a late-night snack before retiring for a restful night. We’ll keep the water warm so you can swim under the midnight sun.


Take in the 270-degree views after your day of exploring, all the while enjoying a wide selection of teas and a delectable spread of finger sandwiches, cookies, and more in our Observation Lounge.


Stop by our cozy café for a grab-and-go snack or breakfast, including muffins, doughnuts, boost drinks, specialty teas, and La Cimbali fresh-pressed coffees. For a midday snack, choose from sandwiches, wraps, and salads.


Enjoy breakfast in bed or tapas from our “always available” menu, with room service delivered to your stateroom. As part of our suite extras, when you book a suite, enjoy full room service dining.

There are currently no extensions for this trip.


VACAYA Luxe trips are unapologetically exclusive – welcoming to all, of course, but built for discerning travelers seeking intimate experiences, splendid accommodations, and unparalleled service. Of course, savvy travelers recognize “value” rarely means “low price.” Instead, value is defined as getting something extraordinary for a great price. And that is exactly what VACAYA’s 2024 Antarctica Cruise delivers.

The V Team is dedicated to providing you with the very best. That’s what drives us, journey after journey. And it’s amazing what’s included:


  • Commercial flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina on December 5, returning December 16 (you also have the option of going directly to Ushuaia on your own and meeting the ship Dec 5)
  • 11 Nights of 5-Star Accommodations aboard super yacht World Navigator
  • All Expedition Team-led Excursions to Antarctica via Zodiac Raft
  • Lectures & Workshops with Leading Naturalists, Botanists, & Zoologists
  • Elegant main restaurant with ever-changing menus inspired by global cuisines, a specialty chophouse, a cozy café, and afternoon tea with light snacks
  • Unlimited wines, premium craft cocktails, and brews
  • Luxurious L’OCCITANE bath amenities
  • Terry bathrobes and slippers (perfect for our BATHROBE NIGHT!)
  • Marble Spa Bathroom with Mosaic Glass Shower, including Rain Head and Body Jets
  • Sumptuous Egyptian cotton bed linens
  • In-room minibar stocked daily with your preferences
  • A state-of-the-art in-room infotainment center
  • Music channels and on-demand movies
  • Daily world news programming
  • Nespresso coffee and teas in your Stateroom/Suite
  • Still and sparkling water delivered in reusable glass bottles
  • Unlimited Starlink WiFi
  • Nightstands equipped with the necessary tech (110/220 voltage + USB ports)
  • Private climate control
  • A personal safe, hairdryer, and satin hangers
  • Room Service available from an “always available” menu
  • Butler Service in Suites
  • Complimentary wash and fold laundry service in Suites

Today, you’ll fly from one of the greatest cities in the world, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Ushuaia (flight included). We recommend at least 3-4 days in Buenos Aires before you’ll catch your VACAYA flight down to Ushuaia to board World Navigator.

Settle in and get ready for two extraordinary days crossing the Drake Passage. Seafarers have navigated these tricky waters for centuries and now you’ll follow in their footsteps as we make our way to the Antarctic Peninsula. Will we have the Drake Lake or the Drake Quake today? Only time (and sea conditions) will tell. But either way, today will be all about enjoying our ship, fellow adventurers, and preparing for our first steps on the continent.

Today, our Antarctic Expedition Team will lead in-depth lectures on science, history, biology, geography, geology, and culture to provide context to our voyage and help us understand the unique destination we’re about to experience. You’ll also learn how to make your visit as safe and as sustainable as possible. We’re getting close now and both the sea and the sky will change dramatically. Icebergs – both large and small – begin to appear and if we’re lucky, we’ll get to see lenticular clouds, which are only seen over Antarctica and are a true otherworldly sight to behold.

So few people have had the opportunity to actually walk on Antarctica. Today, you make history by becoming one of the lucky few who’ve had the chance to explore this land of extremes. Antarctica never fails to inspire awe and wonder, with white horizons above oceans full of icebergs and whales. Perhaps even more awe-inspiring will be your encounters with the huge colonies of penguins.

Succumb to the magic of a place unlike any other. To this day, the mythical Antarctic Peninsula still holds real fascination and promises its visitors unforgettable moments. Throughout your adventure in this icy realm, you’ll find yourself surrounded in spectacular shades of blue and white, with exceptional wildlife all around you. Penguins, humpback whales, seals, and giant petrels are at home here, as are elephant seals, fur seals, Antarctic minke whales, and orcas.

World Navigator’s Captain decides where we go today. No matter where we land, you’re sure to see sights you’ve never seen before, and there’s no more humbling a feeling than that.

Our Expedition Team will lead ice-cruising and landings at every opportunity to come ashore and explore the impressive Antarctic scenery. From deck, there are great chances to spot whales. Of course, this is true wilderness, so nature is in charge, but our experienced Captain will work with the elements to create the best possible itinerary for our adventure.

Each day on the continent, we’ll attempt landings at several sites, with an aim to bring you the incredible diversity of landscapes and rich wildlife on display in this pristine wilderness. Think about this for one second… at times, you will be the first man, woman, or non-binary person in history to walk on that bit of earth. How’s that for life changing?

Your entire view of our planet and of your place on it will have evolved completely by this day. Take in the wonder and the incredible beauty one last time.

After exploring this exhilarating continent, we set course back to civilization. Spend the day at sea recapping your experiences, having fun onboard, or just relaxing on deck, spotting the many sea birds which follow our ship.

Our final sea day is your last chance to swap photos and stories with fellow Vacayan adventurers. Take in all you’ve experienced one last time as we prepare to say goodbye to World Navigator and feel the spirit of this wondrous place. It will stick with you for all time.

Today, our journey together comes to an end as we all fly from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires (flight included). From there, there’s no telling where you’ll go! Buenos Aires is one of the world’s great cities and we highly recommend staying a few extra days to discover this on your own if you didn’t explore before our cruise. If you’re flying home from BA today, we recommend long-haul flights in the evening.

Bookings for the Antarctica Cruise 2024 starts at $11,997 Double Occupancy to $43,994 Single Occupancy staterooms or suites. Please contact us directly at [email protected] or (+1)713.661.2117 for real-time availability of spaces and for reservations.

Travel the Globe We can’t say enough great things about Concierge Travel. We’ve traveled the globe with you every year (sometimes 2x a year) for the past 10 years. Your attention to detail from the 1st phone call to gather trip info all the way to debarkation is superb. The Boyz of Concierge Travel are always friendly and accommodating in every situation. We look forward to booking our next trip with you.

Mike Annis and John Hall

Mike Annis and John Hall