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Of course, VACAYA is known for taking our guests to the far corners of the earth, but now … we’re taking you to a place NO ONE has dared venture before!

Tucked along the northwestern corner of Australia, The Kimberley is one of the world’s last wild frontiers. From rugged sandstone peaks and gushing waterfalls to desert expanses, sunken mangrove forests, and everything in between, VACAYA’s latest expedition is sure to take your breath away.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, wildlife enthusiast, natural history buff, or you’re simply seeking a new adventure in one of the most pristine places on Earth, you won’t want to miss this 11-night luxury expedition from Darwin to Broome May 10-21, 2025.

VACAYA’s small-ship adventures have set a new standard in luxury all-gay/all-LGBT+ travel, but NOTHING beats what lies ahead as we partner with Seabourn for the very first time! Their newest expedition vessel, Pursuit, is all ours, and she’ll provide the PERFECT level of luxury, comfort, and adventure for 260 lucky Vacayans.

Where is “The Kimberley”?
The Kimberley is a region located in the northern part of Western Australia. It’s known for its other-worldly landscapes, stunning gorges, and unique geological formations. The Kimberley encompasses a vast area, covering approximately 423,517 square kilometers (163,521 square miles), making it one of the most sparsely populated regions in Australia. On our expedition, highlights include King George Falls, Jar Island, Montgomery Reef, and Talbot Bay Horizonal Waterfalls. Yes… horizontal waterfalls!


A VACAYA all-inclusive expedition cruise is a premium travel experience that combines the comforts and amenities of a luxury cruise with the adventure and exploration of an expedition.

Key Features:

  1. A Small, Intimate Ship: Luxury expedition cruises like this one operate on smaller vessels, allowing for a more intimate and exclusive experience. Our expedition ship can navigate through smaller waterways and reach remote destinations that larger cruise ships simply cannot.
  2. High-End Accommodations: Well-appointed suites with luxurious furnishings, high-quality linens, and private balconies offering breathtaking views await you.
  3. Gourmet Dining: Seabourn is known for having some of THE BEST food at sea. You’ll indulge in gourmet cuisine prepared by skilled chefs, with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.
  4. All-Inclusive: Most aspects of the cruise are included in the fare. Luxury accommodations, meals, beverages (including most alcoholic drinks), and most shore excursions are all included.
  5. Experienced Expedition Team: Seabourn’s expedition team of naturalists, botanists, zoologists, climatologists, historians, and other knowledgeable guides lead all the included excursions.
  6. Adventure Activities: Given the nature of a VACAYA expedition cruise, you can expect to participate in various guided hikes, wildlife watching, kayaking, snorkeling, and Zodiac boat excursions to get up close to The Kimberley. Please keep in mind that you need to be able to get yourself in and out of our Zodiacs unassisted.
  7. Wellness and Spa Facilities: Pursuit’s spa and wellness facilities set a new standard for super yacht cruising, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate after a day of exploration.
  8. Exceptional Service: A nearly 1-to-1 crew-to-guest ratio ensures personalized and attentive service throughout your cruise. Seabourn crew members are trained to anticipate and fulfill your every need.
  9. Educational and Enrichment Programs: Your expedition team will lead lectures, workshops, and presentations throughout your experience, adding an important educational element to this journey.
  10. Exclusive Access: Seabourn has exclusive access to certain sites, ensuring a more private and intimate experience throughout the voyage.


Our expedition cruises aren’t passive experiences. They offer a “get out there and get your hands dirty” kind of adventure travel. Thankfully, though, at the end of each memory-making day, you get to return to one of most luxurious ships ever built. Not a bad way to spend a holiday.

With an expedition cruise, there’s one key factor to consider before booking … you must be able to embrace flexibility. Forget strict arrival/departure times or even ports of call. While we start with a “goal itinerary,” on an expedition cruise, embracing flexibility allows our expedition team to actively curate our voyage, making it more personalized to you and other Vacayans, ensuring you get to move closer and deeper to wildlife, history, and new cultures than ever before.


Seabourn Pursuit is truly a state-of-the-art vessel, with a yacht-like atmosphere and incredible design details that stimulate all the senses. She seamlessly blends the worlds of luxury with exploration and discovery. No compromises – now you can have it all!


A fully-inclusive yacht-like experience, Seabourn Pursuit blends state-of-the art capability with world-class service and luxury.


Seabourn’s award-winning cuisine starts with the finest quality ingredients, infused with authentic regional flavors, prepared á la minute by our skilled chefs and served with pride. Pursuit offers a choice of dining venues to suit your mood of the moment, and nearly all are open-seating, inviting you to dine where, when, and with whom you wish. Complimentary fine wines are poured with lunch and dinner, and there is never an extra charge for any dining choice. You can even enjoy a meal in your suite or on your veranda, with our compliments. Seabourn is a proud member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, one of the world’s most prestigious gastronomic societies devoted to the art of fine dining. VIEW VIDEO.

The Seabourn Pursuit ship offers an exquisite array of lounge spaces, each meticulously designed to provide passengers with a luxurious and immersive experience. From the refined elegance of the Observation Bar, where panoramic views of the sea unfold, to the chic and contemporary ambiance of The Club, perfect for evening entertainment and dancing, the ship caters to diverse preferences. The Grand Salon presents a sophisticated setting for live performances, while the Seabourn Square invites guests to unwind in a comfortable and social environment. Additionally, the Patio Bar offers a delightful outdoor oasis, and the Colonnade serves as a casual yet stylish venue for al fresco dining. With a commitment to unparalleled luxury, Seabourn Pursuit ensures that every lounge space is a destination in itself, providing an unparalleled cruise experience for those seeking the epitome of sophistication and relaxation at sea.

On the Seabourn Pursuit ship, relaxation reaches new heights with a range of exquisite spaces dedicated to rejuvenation and tranquility. The inviting pool area invites passengers to unwind amidst serene surroundings, offering a refreshing escape under the sun. The spa, a sanctuary of indulgence, provides a holistic wellness experience with a variety of treatments and therapies. For those seeking an active reprieve, the state-of-the-art gym offers cutting-edge fitness facilities. Sun decks scattered across the ship provide idyllic spaces to bask in the warmth while enjoying breathtaking sea views. Whether it’s a leisurely dip in the pool, a pampering spa session, an invigorating workout, or simply soaking up the sun on the expansive decks, Seabourn Pursuit delivers ultimate relaxtaion.


No VACAYA experience is complete without a few surprises along the way. While we don’t want to give away everything up our sleeves, here are a couple we know you’ll love:


Yes … you read that correctly … SUBMARINES! Two of them! Each environmentally friendly, battery-powered sub carries just seven people – six guests, three each in two clear acrylic spheres – plus the highly trained pilot guiding the journey. The intimate and innovative new exploration vehicles are capable of diving to depths of 300 meters (984 feet) offering you an awe-inspiring perspective of a whole new world. These underwater adventures are dependent on sea conditions and come at an additional cost.


One of Seabourn’s most popular events is “Caviar in the Surf.” Pursuit’s uniformed staff members plunge into the water and will invite you to wade in and get iced champagne and caviar at a surfboard bar. This moment is as decadent and luxurious as they come. Subject to weather/sea conditions and our flexing itinerary. And of course if weather doesn’t permit us to do this, no worries … we’ll indulge onboard!

All guests will have the opportunity to access Seabourn Source – up-to-the-minute access to daily details of your voyage directly on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Review daily activity and entertainment schedules. Peruse menus and meal times for all onboard dining venues. Track port times, including arrivals and departures. Learn about onboard spa treatments and wellness classes. Browse and book shore excursions. Connect to Starlink internet. Stay on top of shipboard account records.


views from ship


As concerns about environmental sustainability have become more prominent in the collective conscious, a greater emphasis has been placed on responsible travel practices. As lovers of the sea and the wondrous treasures of our planet, VACAYA and Seabourn are committed to the protection of the environment and respecting indigenous communities. Taking the actions highlighted within Seabourn’s Sustainability Plan helps us keep the environment thriving for today’s explorers and future generations.

Our intimate, yacht-style ships realize the possibilities of environmental stewardship with the latest hybrid power management and propulsion systems, maximizing fuel efficiency and consuming as low as one-fifth the fuel compared to conventional cruise-ship systems, reducing our impact on the environment. We minimize underwater noise that stresses marine wildlife by using a hydro-jet propulsion system that allows our ships to cruise virtually silent up to five knots for incomparable, up-close encounters while keeping the sensitive ecosystem in mind. It’s also our responsibility to prevent damage to the fragile ecosystems on ocean floors. That’s why we avoid using anchors to maintain ship position by using a GPS-based Dynamic Position System.


It’s important to make the effort to keep waterways clear for a cleaner environment. By building ships with the latest and most advanced waste management and water treatment plant in the cruise industry, Seabourn’s vessels take the proper steps to control waste on board. That includes storing litter that cannot be repurposed or reclaimed in a dedicated hold until landing, where it will be disposed of responsibly. Plus, Seabourn has eliminated the use of plastic water bottles almost entirely.


Seabourn Pursuit is registered in the Bahamas.

There are currently no extensions for this cruise.


VACAYA’s small-ship cruises are unapologetically exclusive – welcoming to all, of course, but built for discerning travelers seeking intimate experiences, splendid accommodations, and unparalleled service. Of course, savvy travelers recognize “value” rarely means “low price.” Instead, value is defined as getting something extraordinary for a great price. And that is exactly what VACAYA’s 2025 Australia Cruise delivers.

The V Team is dedicated to providing you with the very best. That’s what drives us, journey after journey. And it’s amazing all that’s included:

  • 11 Nights of 5-Star Accommodations aboard super yacht Seabourn Pursuit
  • A Personal Suite Host and Suite Attendant to ensure everything in your suite is always as you wish
  • Twin or queen-sized bed with a luxurious custom-built mattress, cotton linens, fluffy all-season duvet and your choice of firm or soft pillows
  • Ample storage and walk-in closets with plush terry robes (perfect for our BATHROBE NIGHT!), slippers, hairdryer, and a personal safe
  • A spacious marble bath with double vanities, a full tub, shower, and luxury products featuring an exclusive signature scent created for Seabourn by Molton Brown, London
  • Interactive entertainment with broadcast TV and hundreds of movies and music choices
  • Swarovski OPTIK binoculars to use during your voyage
  • In-suite Minibar stocked daily with your preferences
  • A choice of 2 bottles of in-suite alcohol. Choose from gin, vodka, scotch, bourbon, or red/white wine.
  • All Expedition Team-led Excursions via Zodiac Raft
  • Lectures & Workshops with Leading Naturalists, Botanists, & Zoologists
  • Elegant main restaurant with ever-changing menus inspired by global cuisines
  • 9 Dining options in all, each offering a world-class culinary experience
  • Unlimited wines, premium craft cocktails, and brews in all venues
  • Unlimited Starlink WiFi
  • Fully equipped with all necessary tech (110/220 voltage + USB ports)
  • Private climate control
  • Room Service/In-Suite Dining
  • Laundry Service
  • VACAYA Signature Activities and Entertainment


Your Personal Suite Host & Attendant
One of your suite’s most gracious, charming amenities is your Personal Suite Host and Suite Attendant. They perfectly personify Seabourn’s attentive, yet unobtrusive service, dedicated to ensuring everything is always exactly as you wish. You’ll find they possess a cheerful, genie-like intuition about what might delight you. After they welcome you with a warm smile and glass of Champagne, they may suggest drawing you a Pure Pampering℠ bubble bath, or help you arrange an in-suite cocktail party. Their skilled, thoughtful care may well prove to be one of your fondest memories of the voyage.

Your Personal Suite Hosts and Suite Attendants will:

  • Welcome you with Champagne and canapés
  • Personalize your nightly turndown service
  • Assist you with any special requests
  • Manage your laundry service needs
  • Replenish your ice and bar setup
  • Draw you a Pure Pampering℠  bath


Service You Can Feel
The quality of service you’ll enjoy on Seabourn is exceptionally sincere – you’ll feel the discernable difference between being simply catered to, and being truly cared for.

Days and nights are carefree and ultra-luxurious. Personalized service is a way of life for Seabourn with VACAYA. You won’t lift a finger while you’re a Seabourn guest, unless it’s to signal a waiter for another bottle of vintage Bordeaux from the wine cellar.

Pursuit’s captain and officers will seem like old friends. Everyone on the professionally-trained staff – more than one per suite – not only knows you by name, but knows your personal preferences, as well.

From the moment you first step on Pursuit, you’ll be part of an exclusive circle, the privileged few, who have discovered the true joys of yachting. So, settle in and make yourself at home.


Darwin, Australia is a captivating coastal city that beckons with its tropical allure and rich cultural tapestry. Nestled in the rugged embrace of the Northern Territory’s Top End, this city boasts a vibrant multicultural community, where Indigenous heritage blends seamlessly with the influence of diverse international populations. Darwin’s unique climate oscillates between a balmy dry season, ideal for outdoor adventures, and a dramatic wet season, bringing life-giving rains and electric storms. Its stunning natural surroundings, including nearby national parks and pristine beaches, provide a playground for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With a fascinating history marked by World War II significance and a modern outlook that embraces art, cuisine, and festivals, Darwin stands as a gateway to both timeless wonders and contemporary experiences in Australia’s far north. It’s here where our journey begins!

With everything ashore closed, Sundays are best spent at sea. And what a glorious day of enjoying our beautiful Pursuit this should be! This is your chance to get to know our luxury super yacht, and she’s dressed to impress. Will you enjoy a Spa Day today? Or perhaps you’ll get a little sun poolside? Whatever you choose, you’ll be dripping in luxury and relaxation!


The King George River is a breathtaking natural wonder that meanders through the remote and pristine landscapes of The Kimberley in Western Australia. This majestic river is renowned for its spectacular highlight, the King George Falls, which plunge over 80 meters in a mesmerizing display of cascading water.

Join the expedition team as we leave our anchorage position in Koolama Bay and head into the entrance of the King George River and falls. The 10 nautical mile Zodiac expedition takes us through a winding sandstone gorge, with incredible honeycomb and vertical erosion. Keep a look-out for saltwater crocodiles, sleeping on the banks of the river. A wide variety of birdlife will also be pointed out by your Zodiac driver/naturalist. The highlight is of course the King George Falls, the two highest twin waterfalls in Australia at 80m/250ft in height. Depending on conditions, we hope to get the Zodiacs close to the waterfalls for a refreshing spray to cool us down.


Vansittart Bay, located on the rugged north coast of Western Australia’s Kimberley region, is a remote and strikingly beautiful destination. Known for its pristine wilderness and stunning coastline, the bay serves as a gateway to some of The Kimberley’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders. Its shoreline is adorned with dramatic cliffs and hidden, secluded beaches, while its crystal-clear waters teem with marine life. Vansittart Bay is home to the mesmerizing Gwion Gwion rock paintings. The artwork of the Wandjina is a true testament to the richness of Aboriginal culture. Estimated to be over 17,000 years old, these ancient artworks offer a rare glimpse into the lives and traditions of the Australian Aboriginal peoples.

This morning we’ll head out with the expedition team to explore the uninhabited, Jar Island. From the ship’s anchorage position, a short Zodiac ride will bring you ashore for a wet landing onto a perfectly white sandy beach. Once ashore, a short walk of about 250m/750ft along a flat sandy beach and then on to flat rocks, will bring you to the base of the rock art gallery that depicts the Bradshaw or Gwion Gwion art. After a short scramble over some rocks, you’ll be at the gallery itself, enjoy a rare glimpse into a fascinating part of history along with a vivid interpretation by the expedition team. According to Aboriginal legend, the art was created by birds. It was said these birds pecked the rocks until their beaks bled, and then created these fine paintings by using a tail feather and their own blood. The responsible bird was known as Gwion. The Gwion Gwion art is often called Bradshaw art after Joseph Bradshaw, the first European person to record the style of painting in 1891.


Ashmore Reef is an isolated and pristine atoll located in the eastern Indian Ocean, approximately 450 kilometers from the northwest coast of Australia. The reef is part of the Australian territory and is situated within the region known as the Coral Sea. This remote and comparatively untouched marine ecosystem encompasses Ashmore Island and two coral reefs, and it covers an area of about 580 square kilometers.​ The atoll exhibits exceptional natural beauty and biodiversity, with its clear blue waters, expansive lagoon, and diverse coral formations. The submerged reefs and surrounding waters are teeming with a rich variety of marine life, including colorful coral species, fish, sea turtles, and migratory seabirds. The atoll and its surrounding waters are protected as the Ashmore Reef National Nature Reserve, establishing it as a sanctuary for the preservation of its unique ecosystem.​ Ashmore Reef stands as a natural wonder of the Indian Ocean, offering a glimpse into a thriving marine ecosystem and serving as a reminder of the need to protect and steward our planet’s delicate environments. Its isolation and unspoiled beauty make it a vital site for biodiversity conservation and a place of intrinsic value for both scientific study and cultural appreciation.​

This morning, join us out on deck as we sail into Ashmore Reef. This will be a unique and our only opportunity on a Kimberley sailing to do some watersports. The expedition team will head out and scout for the best swimming and snorkeling opportunities. We’re hoping to take you ashore by Zodiac and land on a small uninhabited Island, to offer swimming and in addition have anchored Zodiacs to explore the best possible snorkeling Ashmore Reef has to offer. This morning will be dedicated to exploring and learning about the wildlife both above and below the water. Your expedition team will accompany you to ensure you learn about this unique destination.

After several days of expeditions, this Sea Day couldn’t come at a better time! It’s the perfect chance to recharge those engines for the second half of our adventure. Sleep in, eat an indulgent brunch, lounge by the pool, and enjoy the company of your fellow Vacayans.


The Hunter River, with its intertwining waterways and verdant floodplains, is a testament to nature’s artistry and power. Originating from the high rainfall catchments of The Kimberley Plateau, the river snakes its way through an ancient landscape dotted with towering sandstone cliffs and lush mangrove forests. The raw terrain with its rich ochre hues, contrasts sharply with the emerald green of the vegetation and the crystal-clear blue waters of the river. Herds of saltwater crocodiles bask on the sun-drenched banks, while a diverse range of bird species dance across the sky, their vibrant plumage glinting in the sunlight.

From here, enjoy access to Mitchell River National Park, one of Kimberley’s two national parks. The park lies in some of the most remote and inaccessible country in Australia, and contains some of the region’s scenic jewels.

Experience the wonders of Hunter River by Zodiac. Cruise alongside the secluded Naturalist Island, then continue onward toward Indian Head. Watch as the sun casts varying shadows on this spectacular rock formation, accentuating its features and making it a mesmerizing sight from the river. Continue along past the dramatic terrain of The Kimberley, until nearing the end of Hunter River. The tour then changes course onto Porosus Creek, named aptly after the many saltwater crocodiles that call the area home.


Kuri Bay, situated on the remote northwestern coast of Western Australia, is a place of pristine and untouched wilderness. This secluded bay is renowned for its rugged, untouched beauty, where ancient red cliffs meet the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The bay’s waters are rich in pearls, earning it a unique place in the world as a hub for the South Sea pearl industry. Its pearling history dates to the late 19th century; today it is a remote outpost that offers a glimpse into this lustrous past, with the spectacular Kimberley region as its backdrop.

Offering an intriguing and unique glimpse into the South Sea Pearl industry, you’ll hear directly from the farmers themselves about the entire process. You’ll travel to and from the ship by Zodiac, where your expedition team will point out Tawny Nurse Sharks in the crystal-clear waters below you.


Vibrant wonders await at the vast Montgomery Reef, formed some 1.8 billion years ago. This ancient reef is recognized today as one of the most significant geological marine environments in The Kimberley.

Experience the mesmerizing allure of the largest inshore reef in Australia as it magically rises from the ocean during the tidal shifts, revealing a kaleidoscope of marine life. Observe the captivating sight of cascading waterfalls, formed as the reef drains during low tide, which is a spectacle exclusive to this part of the world.

Nested into the spectacularly remote coastline of west Kimberley lies a sacred Aboriginal site, Wijingarra Butt Butt (Freshwater Cove). Home to the Worrorra people for tens of thousands of years, Freshwater Cove is only accessible by seaplane, helicopter, or boat, and is famous for the humpback whales that breed in the cove each year. Worrorra custodians guide visitors through bushland where cotton flowers, bottlebrush, and wattle dot the landscape, to explore significant sites adorned with ancient Wandjina-style rock art – namely, to Cyclone Cave, a sacred space revealing 4000-year-old rock art narratives.

Arriving on high tide, we leave the ship and head out by Zodiac to the edge of Montgomery Reef. As soon as the tide drops it exposes the “river,” a narrow channel we’ll explore by Zodiac. We’ll witness torrent water and endless cascading waterfalls. As the water drops further, the reef is exposed, and fish are trapped on the reef and in pools. They bring in an array of birdlife. Keep a look out for the white and gray morph eastern reef egret, ospreys, white bellied sea eagles, and the beach thick knee. In the water, we hope to see dugongs, stokes sea snake, tawny nurse sharks, and hammerhead sharks. When the tide is out, many turtles are concentrated into the “river,” and over a few hours one can see dozens and dozens of them. They are often found both in the water and stranded on the reef.​


Delve into the stories of its First Nations heritage and marvel at the ancient rock art found throughout Talbot Bay, where extreme natural wonders await exploration. Explore its rocky shores and steep cliffs, comprised of deformed quartz sandstones blended with volcanic rock. Or investigate the diverse seabeds, which can dramatically transform from 100-foot deep channels to exposed rock formations. Water enthusiasts will also want to explore Turtle Reef, named over its abundance of turtles on the reef, and home to coral reef and crocodiles. The pinnacle of this great region is the iconic Horizontal Falls, a jaw-dropping natural wonder, hailed by Sir David Attenborough as “Australia’s most unusual natural feature.” The effect of the waterfalls is created by the rapid tidal fall on the ocean-side of gaps in the sandstone cliffs. Waters on the inland side of the gaps cannot escape fast enough, resulting in a “horizontal waterfall” created by the cascades, with water levels differing sometimes by several meters on either side of the gaps.

With 14m/45ft tidal changes, a zodiac tour in Talbot Bay to the Horizontal Waterfalls is an experience you’ll never ever forget. Leaving the ship, we’ll make our way directly to what’s commonly known as “the gap,” a small passage eroded over time. The expedition team will arrive at the gap, timing it with either slack high or slack low, to allow us the opportunity to ”shoot” through the gaps. You will see why this phenomena is referred to as the Horizontal Waterfalls. After witnessing the Horizontal waterfalls, the Zodiac cruise will continue into the narrower gorge to witness sandstone formations, tidal eddies, and geological upliftment. ​

Please note that moving through “the gap” is weather and tidal dependent and is not always possible. ​


The Lacepede Islands in Western Australia – known simply as the Lacepedes – are a birdwatcher’s paradise, home to what’s possibly the world’s largest colony of Brown Boobies, with 18,000 breeding pairs. Located just off The Kimberley coast about 75 miles north of Broome, this chain of four small sandspits (West, Middle, Sandy, and East) is also home to around 20,000 Roseate Terns, along with a host of other seabirds, including masked boobies, Australian pelicans, Pacific reef heron, common noddies, and sooty oystercatchers. Grey-tailed tattlers, ruddy turnstones, whimbrels, and other wading birds also visit the Lacepedes, which have been designated as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International. What’s more, these low-lying cays – formed from fragments of course sand and coral – are Western Australia’s most important breeding habitat for endangered green turtles, and migrating humpback whales are frequently sighted in the area during the winter and early spring. While Zodiac landings are prohibited in this sensitive environment, Seabourn’s expert Expedition Team members will get you close enough to witness all the avian action.


Our time together has finally come to an end, but what a journey! Perched on the Northwest edge of Western Australia, Broome was once an isolated gem, reachable only by a rugged dirt road until the mid-1980s. The town is nestled on a narrow peninsula, encircled by the crystal-clear sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean and the tranquil expanse of Roebuck Bay. It stands as a global haven for migratory birds, offering them a scenic stopover on their long journeys.

Broome sprang to life following the discovery of the world’s most abundant pearl shell deposit. This revelation sparked a frenzy akin to a gold rush, drawing in hundreds of people lured by the promise of precious treasures. Despite a downturn in the pearl industry during the last century, the allure of Broome’s natural splendor and serene ambiance held many captives, anchoring them to this coastal sanctuary.

Today, Broome boasts a unique architectural landscape, a testament to its diverse history. A blend of colonial buildings, old mission houses, churches, and the huts of former pearling masters share the streets with more modern homes. These structures collectively echo a distinctive style that took root over eighty years ago. So, whether you choose to stay a few days in Broome or head off to other nearby adventures like Bali, Indonesia, this trip will be indelibly etched into your consciousness as one of the best adventures ever.

Bookings for the Australia Cruise 2025 start at $7,797 for Veranda Suites (per person, three guests). Please contact us directly at or +17132530041 for real-time availability of spaces and for reservations.

Enhance the Experience We have been booking with Concierge Travel for many years. They provide access to all of the Gay Travel products available and are able to provide advice on which type of travel or specific trips will meet our needs. Concierge team members often join us on the trip and provide a few little extras to enhance the experience. We would never consider using anyone else.

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